My Little Observations on Politics

We are in the election season! Next week Wednesday is the D-day. Ghanaians will line up at their various polling stations to exercise the power given to them by voting for parliamentarians for their respective constituencies, and for the man they deem fit to be the president. Thumbs are gonna answer the question, “Do you want John Dramani Mahama to continue his presidency, or you want Nana Akuffo-Addo, Ivor Greenstreet, Paa Kwesi Ndoum, Dr. Edward Mahama, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings or Jacob Osei-Yeboah to take over the reins?”

Thanks to the plethora of lawsuits which I’ve sought to follow because of my study of law, I found myself paying a little more attention to political issues than usual.

My experience so far? Hmmm…  smh.

People have always placed negative connotations on politics, and to be honest, the little I’ve heard has solidified that. Of course, I know there are some out there who are not following the status quo, and I applaud that. No doubt. But allow me to impartially state some things I’ve noticed…

First of all, vitriol and crude language seems to have become a staple of politics. Especially among the younger generation of politicians, and it sickens me to the core. Tossing insults at elderly people and others in authority all in the name of politics is absolutely abhorrent. I feel it’s not hard to disagree with a person and still respect him/her. Unfortunately, with regard to the 2 main political parties, NDC and NPP, I see such very few times. I once saw a discussion on UTV between two guys, one from each party. They laid out their points calmly, made their positions known. No dissing. No yelling. Just a calm, respectful debate. How I wish I had taken note of their names.

To say I was stunned is proof of how unpleasant I’ve seen political discussions to be. Not everyone agrees with President Mahama or Nana Addo, and that’s okay, but descending to insults and crass talk is what puts me off. The arrogance and cheekiness with which I’ve seen a number of political figures do that is pathetic. Insulting the president is not acceptable, and insulting an elderly person is not acceptable either. Politics does not have the power to tell us that it’s okay to do either, and we have no business forcing that power into its hands.

A Facebook post I saw last night is the basis of my second observation…

Sad truth, to be honest.

If President Mahama does something wrong, quite a number of NDC peeps will defend his actions with every drop of blood in them, justify them, try and bring out certain past things to try and downplay the issue. Yet they’ll not hesitate to rip into Nana Addo if he does the same thing. And it’s the same way with many NPP enthusiasts as well. I’m left so unimpressed. When something is wrong, it should be acknowledged as wrong. Yet many of these political fans smell blood and pounce when their opponent does the wrong thing, and become a bunch of Stevie Wonders when their man does something equally wrong. Interesting how morality takes a backseat when politics is in the picture.

Third, I’ve seen just how divisive a subject politics can be. To be honest, this goes beyond Ghana. I’ve seen it even in the American elections. People turning on each other because of the party/candidate they support. I’ve really come to understand why it and religion are usually forbidden topics of discussion in workplaces. The fierceness and nastiness with which I’ve seen people rip into friends and close ones is saddening, to say the least. It’s not by force for everyone to support one party, but the way some paint all supporters of the opposing party as stupid, senseless and all… *sigh*

On a lighter note, though, another thing I’ve observed: the peeps who make the campaign songs: dopeness!! Hehehe…

So, generally, this is what I’ve seen. And it’s not pleasant.

There are quite a number who don’t participate in all the mud-slinging and stuff. Keep going that way.

To any friend of mine who will engage in politics in the near future, please consider this a gentle warning: go against this status quo. Don’t condescend to that level of reckless talk and unruly behaviour. Disagree with your opponents, but in a manner that doesn’t dehumanize them. Remember that at the end of the day, all men are created in the image of God, and you’re going to account for every careless word spoken, and politics will never be a good excuse before God.

In any case, if you’re close to me, and I hear you doing what the modern politician does; justifying wrong actions and insulting people you were trained to respect, just avoid me like an Ebola plague, because I promise you, I will give you a good ‘blasting’ when I see you.

In the meantime, make sure you go out there to vote. Don’t sit at home and say it’s a waste of time. It is not. Make your voice heard. If you think Mahama should have a 2nd term, vote. If not, vote for another candidate. And please, no infantile outbursts and whines on social media if your candidate loses. Let Ghana be the winner.

Word Art

So, these past 2 months have brought some sweetness at the end of them for me. I got some great news in September, and for October, after some work with the peeps and Power Circle Records, the official teaser for ThroneRoom Perspective’s upcoming EP was released!

‘Word Art’ is basically our intro to the world. I’ve made quite some noise on this platform about TRP, so y’all can’t tell me you know nothing about us. Of course, we’re all about doing art that is excellent and glorifies God. There tend to be many who eliminate one of the two – they’re either technically excellent, but are doing art without a Biblical worldview, or they’re all about the gospel, but doing a horrible job – and we ain’t down with that. So this teaser points that out. We aim for high art, for the glory of God. That’s the reason why we exist, anyways…

So, check it out! And stay tuned for the EP, which is coming out on the 30th of this month! *sigh* another good end to another month!


It’s official, peeps!! We’re coming out! We want the world to know, got to let it show *Diana Ross voice* lol

Official press release from our camps…



ThroneRoom Perspective, is delighted to announce its first official group project, “First Of All.”

ThroneRoom Perspective is a spoken word group based in the main branch of Action Chapel International that came into existence in 2014. The objective of the group is to create art in the form of poetry that encourages, inspires, and ultimately glorifies God. The group currently has five active members, all of whom feature on the EP.

The EP will consist of 7 tracks; 2 group poems and an individual poem from each member of the group.

A teaser will be released on Sunday on our Soundcloud profile.




Like us on Facebook –

Follow us on Twitter – @wordfromtrp

Follow us on Instagram – @throneroomperspective

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Stay tuned, people!! This is gonna blow minds!!

Narratives & Upcoming Projects

So, Friday saw the release of a great album.

‘The Narrative’ by Sho Baraka.

Ever since copping it, I’ve really not been able to listen to anything else. Like, it’s just that good!

This isn’t a review per se, just my thoughts on it. Trust me, there’s still a whole lot I’m yet to glean from it. That dude is so deep!

In all honesty, in preparing for future projects, I’m definitely taking a lesson or two from Sho. There’s something about the way he arranges his work on his albums that I just can’t quite put my finger on, but is excellent. Taking into account this new album and the last one, Talented 10th, I see a wide range of topics and issues that Sho raps about, all from the perspective of a Christian, and I absolutely love. Relationship issues, racism, politics, the desire for greatness, maturity, worship… he does it, and does it well. ‘Nicodemus’ remains one of the only rap songs that can get those tear glands to work. Aw! Lawd!

So, about this new album, I love the jazz flavour in it. I definitely haven’t heard many hip-hop albums like that, and it’s a great thing. The sax and all was just so classy. And totally different.

I also enjoyed how there are kinda like two sides to the album. First half of the album is upbeat and all. I already have ‘Aw! Lawd!’ on my lips coz of ‘Soul, 1971’ (groovy!). The energy on ‘Love, 1959′ is awesome, and I’m already thinking of using that ending statement by Sho to make moves on somebody (lol, you didn’t just see that). The collabo with Lecrae is really infectious, and ’30 & Up, 1986’ is a pure grown folks tune. The second part goes a little deeper. That’s where you hear ‘Maybe Both, 1865’ where Sho is dealing with politics, ‘Road To Humble, 1979’ which is kinda like a recap of his life, particularly centered on his journey from being a part of Reach, dealing with pride, and his eventual ending up with Humble Beast (most of us heard it when HB announced that he had joined their roster. That really took me by surprise!) and ‘Words, 2006’, which is about him being a father of 2 autistic boys. Very emotional.

One track that deserves a special mention, in my opinion, is ‘Fathers, 2004’. I constantly get frustrated with the way I see fatherless homes, but that’s mainly because I see many more with fathers in there, doing a good job, yet getting overshadowed by the ones who do a crap job. Sho did a spectacular work with this, considering the advice he gives to his sons and daughter. I particularly love the 3rd verse, where he makes it clear what a wonderful thing it is to be a father. CHH rappers have generally really encouraged me in reminding me that there are many men out there who aren’t gonna take the coward’s route and choose self-satisfying life, but are willing to be real husbands and fathers. That song is a culmination of that.

I’m still yet to discover a lot of things, but of course, that’s why it’s an album, right? If you ain’t heard it yet, go get it! And by that, I mean, go buy it! lol


After a long time of silence and stuff, ThroneRoom Perspective is preparing to release a project of their own!!!!!!!!


30th November is the date. Mark that calendar, and get yourself ready for greatness!!

In the meantime, get ready for a teaser very soon!

You’re Appreciated

So I was going through the sent folder of my Yahoo e-mail account, and oooohweee! Some of my old stuff in there. I saw some stories I wrote back then, I saw the first 2 chapters of my project work, a contract a publishing firm was offering me back in 2008 (they were asking me to pay over $5,000!! Ahhhhhh!), among others. I found this to be quite a cute story to share. So, here it is. Untouched. Mi nuh do no edits! lol

Fati was feeling pretty exhausted. Another busy evening for her. Like every other day, she balanced her job as a school director with being a mother to her three year old daughter and a wife to her husband, Ben. And it was not easy.

This evening, little Sarai had been a little troublesome, and Fati didn’t take it very lightly, as her little antics gave her more work to do. Patience, though, was a virtue she possessed in abundance. Handling all that mess, plus serving her husband, had made her quite tired. Another day as a young working mother and wife.

She walked to the living room, where her book was lying on the table. As she got closer, though, she noticed an envelope beside it. With her name on it.

She looked strangely at it. “How come Ben didn’t tell me I had a letter? Who is it from?” she wondered aloud as she took a seat in the sofa and opened the envelope.

The letter had a familiar scent on it. Almost like somebody had gently sprayed it with what happened to be her favourite perfume.
She unfolded the letter.

Dear Mrs. Fatima Lawson,

You know, we go back. Way back. I look at you now, and I can’t help but remember when I first met you; as young as Sarai (ok, I think you were a lil older). We ain’t stay neighbours for long, but of course, we stayed friends. Our families stayed friends, to be specific.
I always knew there was something special about you. Even as a lil toddler, I saw something that just made you stand out from your sisters. Of course, not to say they’re bogus, you know I got love for them, but… you know what I mean, babe!😉

She smiled as she reached that point of the letter. Oh my, this man never fails to make me smile!

So as you grew up, and I grew up, I took notice of your beauty, innocence and sweetness. After going through a crazy time of rebellion against our Daddy, I was brought to my senses, became a changed guy, and saw in you a gem, a precious soul who, like every other lady out there, needs to be loved and cherished every day of her life. You really delayed your answer when I let you know how I feel, though. Ugh, you made me wait for close to 3 years!! Well, it was totally worth the wait, though.

Since the day you became my girlfriend and disciple, my life changed completely. Believe me, love, you didn’t change alone, I changed too. Our courtship was such a turning point. I’ll never forget what we went through.

As memories came to mind, tears started to form in Fati’s eyes. She wiped them away and continued to read.

It’s been three years since you went from Ms. Fatima Haruna to Mrs. Fatima Lawson. It’s been tough, but baby, it’s been worth it. I love how you alternate between being the boss at work and being a wife and mummy at home. You pull it off real good, shawty!
We’ve had our tough times together, we’ve had a couple of nasty arguments here and there, but we made a vow to stick together no matter what, and I intend to stick to it. And I trust you do too. I love you, Fati, flaws and all. I still will never understand why you hate Kojo Antwi’s music. That’s so…. ugh!

She laughed out loud at seeing that. “Oh, Benny, you silly boy!” she cooed to herself.

So, Fati, this is just to randomly let you know how much I love and treasure you. I see all you do, and believe me, it’s not in vain. Till the day I die, I’ll always treasure you as my queen and value you more than a ship full of gold. We’re in this for God’s glory, and I know He’s gonna lead us through.

I love you, baby.
P.S. Yeah, about the smell of your perfume, I used it while you bathed Sarai. I was hoping it would add a lil touch of romance to it. You know me, baby. L’homme romantique!!

Smiling as a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek, she placed the letter down. Obviously not the greatest love letter, but all he had written had touched her. And the thought of using her perfume definitely made it all the more special.

“Oh, Lord, thank you for Ben,” she said aloud. “Thank you for the best hubby in the world. I don’t know where I’d be if You hadn’t placed him in my life.”

“And thank God for the greatest wifey in the world,” a voice gently added.

Ben, who had been hanging around with his wife unaware, joined her on the sofa and gave her a big kiss. “I just wanted to do something random to make you happy.”

“And you did a great job of it, sweetheart,” she remarked, resting her head on his chest. “Thank you so much, Ben.”

“Aw, don’t thank me, you deserve it. You’re such an inspiration to ladies your age. A boss at work, but submissive at home. You support me like a real wife does. What else can I do but appreciate the most beautiful woman? I have to. And I’ll continue to till I’m gone. But seriously, you ought to sit down and listen to some smooth Kojo Antwi tunes. You’ll love it!”

Fati gave him a look.

He laughed and kissed her again. “You’re appreciated, babe. Never forget that.”


“God Said…”

Robert sat into the driver’s seat of his Hyundai Sonata and slammed the door shut.

He sat in silence.

Still trying to grasp the reality of what had just happened in the restaurant. How a beautiful part of his life had just ended with a couple of tearful words and decisions.

Abigail had called him the night before, saying they needed to meet urgently after work.

All throughout the day, he had been wondering what it was about. Was her mom sick again? Did it have something to do with the criminology course she wanted to do? It was quite a struggle keeping his thoughts under control as he went about his work.

So it was quite a relief for him when 5 o’ clock finally arrived. Now he could speed off to Wintem Pizzeria and wait for his lady. A small and quiet place where they could have their needed conversation.

It was 5:31 when he arrived at the joint. He ordered two bottles of Coca-Cola, their favourite pizza and took a seat in the corner of the restaurant as he waited for her.

It was 5:43 when she entered the pizzeria. The look on her face said it all.

Something was wrong.

She found him, walked over and took her seat. Robert looked into her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong, Abby?”

She sighed, and said softly, “Ummm… can we wait till the pizza is ready?”

He didn’t feel any comfortable, but agreed.

As they engaged in small talk, their order arrived after about ten minutes. As soon as the waiter handed the box over to Robert, Abigail sighed and shook her head.

“Robbie, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Robert put down the bottle he had been drinking from and sat up.

“Robbie, you’ll have no idea how much this hurts, but… I feel we have to end this relationship.”

Robert’s jaw dropped. The shock of her words robbed him of his voice so bad, he could only mouth the word, “WHAT??!!!” Raising up his hands, he shook his head with a bewildered expression on his face, clearly asking why without saying a word.

Abigail fiddled with her fingernails, obviously pained by this decision. “Robert, you’re a wonderful guy, and I’ve never been happier than when I met you. You’re a dream come true, believe me. But… on Monday evening, at church, one of the prophets took me aside after the service.”

The mention of the word ‘prophet’ seemingly neutralized whatever rage was building up within him, as he suddenly took on an emotionless face.

“He told me that the Lord had revealed to him that the person I’m with is not the one God intended for me, and that it’s in my best interest to end it.”

He placed a hand over his face.

“He said a whole lot, that there’s only one person in this world that I have been made to marry, and that it would be a huge mistake to go with anyone else. I’ll never be happy. He said it would be full of trouble and struggles if I choose anybody else, but if I go with what God had chosen, it’ll be smooth and peaceful and wonderful.”

At this rate, Robert didn’t have anything to say. He knew it would be a lost cause.

Abigail’s voice wobbled. “I’m sorry, Robbie. You’re amazing and all, but… if God said we shouldn’t be together… I… I’m sorry.” She wiped the forming tears, stood up and walked away from the table.


Now as he sat in the car, he didn’t know what to say, do or think. God had spoken, right? So, what was the use in getting mad? He shook his head, stared at the pizza box on the passenger seat, and briefly thought, I hope Akosua will allow her kids to have this…


Two days later, Mr. Addison’s phone rang. He picked it up, smirking as he saw the caller ID. He pressed the green button. “I know the job has been done. I’ve already transferred the money into your account.”

“Thank you, sir. It was just too easy. She fell for it, hook line and sinker!”

“HAHAHA! Of course, I knew they’d fall for that ‘prophecy’ thing. Worked like a charm! Good job.”

The line went dead.

Books Read

So, for a while now, I’ve had my love for reading rekindled. And I’m going back to the good ol physical books. It gets kinda dredgy using a tablet and ’em. There’s always been something sweet about getting lost in the lil universe of a book…

Anyways, my little library grows by the day. Obviously, I can’t spend all my time reading those books, what with my law studies and all, but I still manage to fit in some time for doing that. Here’s my recap of what I’ve read so far this year… ok, not really a January-September thing. Lemme recap the ones I remember. lol


A really insightful book about the history of my beloved country. Of course, the book is wholly centered on Jerry John Rawlings, but there were still a lot of references to the things that went on before he officially took over. From the overthrowing of Nkrumah’s government to the infamous June 4th uprising to the murder of those 3 High Court judges and the retired army officer, there was quite a lot to be reminded of. I ended with slightly mixed feelings about our former Prez.


This I consider my birthday gift for the year. Definitely one of those books that are tough to put down! I spent about 2 days to finish it. His story is a captivating one, where he lays bare his fatherless start in life, the influences, the major mistakes he made – even after coming to hear the Gospel and repent – among others. God really does change the worst of sinners and use them for His glory. Absolutely inspiring on all fronts.


My dad has loved John Grisham novels for ages, and I’ve inherited it! Surprisingly, though, this book wasn’t a law-based one. More of baseball. So quite a lot of the content was pretty foreign to me. But the off-pitch story really got me hooked! At a point, I really disliked the main character’s father. Arrogant, unpleasant, unfaithful, abusive… yeah, I’m sure you probably dislike him as well. He ruined a young budding star’s career as well! That’s like a guy breaking a 21 year old Messi’s leg. Evil! But the ending had a beautiful display of forgiveness. Lovely read. 1 down, 7 more Grisham novels to go…


My mom had this book for a while, and I’m taking it to see what it contains. So far, it contains a lot. Mr. Stott basically looks at Jesus from different perspectives: how the New Testament talks of Him, what the church has conveyed about Him, how much of an influence He’s had on people, among others. I’ve learned so much already, with a bit of church history in there, and getting to know of others who have given of themselves to make Him known.

Maybe by the end of this month or next month, God willing, I’ll put up the ones I would’ve read by then.

Word to all o’ y’all in the meantime: Be a reader!! Not everyday watch series & films. Sometimes, take up a book and read! It’ll help you a lot. I guarantee you that.

P.S: If there are any good books you can suggest to me, I’ll be absolutely happy with that…

Don’t Go To Work!

So I’ve had a break from storytelling since I ended Start Over. I’m pretty busy with so much law stuff among others. But chale, when some small inspiration comes, I should take advantage, right? So I got a little inspiration from an old tweet I saw. Here’s a short story…

James sat on the floor, even more upset than he had earlier that morning. As his wife sobbed uncontrollably on his lap, only one thing reverberated through his mind.

Things have got to change.

That previous night had been a pretty terrible one for them.

After a long day’s work, he had returned home rather late, ready to have one of those all-night fun chats with Anita. But after knocking on the door, all the jokes, interesting occurrences of the day and the silly quips he had gathered up in his mind suddenly vanished when she opened the door, tear-streaked and stricken-looking.

“Baby! What’s wrong?”

She pointed at the television without saying a word.

As he entered and walked toward the plasma screen, the CNN news anchor announced the piece of information that was the reason for Anita’s current state.

Another young black man had been shot dead. By police officers.

James’ heart sank as he heard the details. Shaking his head as he took it all in, he said to himself, “Why, God, why?”

But that was only the tip of the iceberg. As was now the case these days, there was video evidence. Knots in his stomach twisted with sorrow and anger as he watched the short video of the young man in the driver’s seat, indicating that he was taking something out of his pocket to the policeman, only to receive 3 straight bullets to the chest 3 seconds later.

Within a matter of minutes, the plan of a jovial night of laughter and fun was crushed. Now the young couple sat on the couch, messed up.

Police brutality on blacks was nothing new. But that didn’t make it any less traumatizing. Especially considering how often the two had been racially profiled by officers. Only a month ago, James had been roughed up by a couple of them when they were searching for a suspect that they claimed ‘resembled’ him. Anita had also had a few unpleasant run-ins with the police, with one or two racial slurs thrown her way. So every time they heard of a black person losing his/her life when encountering cops, a new wave of fear and anger crashed upon them.

The worst part of it all was the injustice of the perpetrators always getting off the hook. With each acquittal over the years, it became difficult to imagine that any of these crooked cops would actually go on to kill a black person and be brought to book for it.

Anita muttered intelligible words to herself, still trying to comprehend what was going on. James got close to her and wrapped her in his arms, doing his best to comfort her. Eventually, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

James stirred at 5:45 am the next morning. Seeing the time, he carried his still-sleeping wife to the bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. She was on leave, so she didn’t need to worry about work. He silently went to have his bath and get ready for work.

As he put on his clothes, he woke his wife up. “Honey, I’m about to leave for work,” he said as he tucked his singlet into his trousers, getting ready to put his shirt on.

After what seemed like a minute, he heard a calm but firm “No.”

He turned, surprised. “What??”

“You’re not going to work today, James,” Anita repeated firmly. “I don’t know what’s going to happen out there today. What if some cop shoots you dead? No, James, you’re staying home.”

James shook his head. “Annie. Baby, I know what’s been happening is really distressing. I feel it as much as you do. But I can’t be using that as an excuse to be absent. I have to.”

Anita jumped out of the bed and held on to him. “No, James!! I won’t let you go! I can’t lose you. Don’t go! Don’t go to work!”

James struggled to get her off. “Anita, please! Don’t do this! I have to go!”

For half a minute, the couple briefly wrestled as she tried to prevent him from leaving. Finally getting her off him, James pleaded in a rather agitated voice, “Please, Anita! Stop this! I have to go!”

She clung back to him. “James, I’m scared,” she whimpered. “Look at what is happening to us. They’re killing our folks and getting away with it.” She buried her face in his chest. “Baby, I’m terrified. What if one of them meets you? What will I do if I lose you? I can’t, baby, I can’t. I can’t stand the thought of losing you, James. I love you. I can’t continue this way…”

Words failed her as she began to cry loudly.

Any seedling of annoyance that had started budding in his heart was quickly nipped as he heard her wails. He knew the fear that had gripped her heart. He knew the pain of seeing that young man shot with no good reason had hit hard. He knew that the number of such cases which had seen the guilty parties go without so much as a slap on the wrist was leaving her worn out.

And quite possibly, he was more terrified than she was. Terrified of the blue and red lights. Terrified of the prospect of being stopped by a cop. Terrified by the million and one scenes that would flash through his mind once it happened. Terrified at the prospect of never seeing his beautiful wife again, or getting to see their child that was now a few weeks old in her womb.

As they both sank to the floor, Anita still whimpering, he looked up to the ceiling and shook his head. He knew that all across the country, many others were having the same issue. Gripped by a paralyzing trepidation.

He stroked Anita’s hair and said gently, “We’ll get through this, baby girl. I know we will. I don’t know how, but we will. Things must change.”

Letter To The 26 Year Old

Dear 26 year old Qwamenah,

Wow. A crazy end it’s been, hasn’t it? We were this close to starting the next one in a pretty awful manner. But thank God He made a way.

So, He’s done it again! Been faithful as always, keeping you throughout the past year. We owe it all to Him, don’t we?

Last year, you got the chance to meet up with your church peeps coz of that play. Not gonna happen this time round, though. And dude, this season has been so flippin’ dry!!! Remember to save up for next year. Since it’s gonna be on a Saturday, we finna have a partayyyyyyy!! Whoooo!!!

Lol, okay, on a serious note, you’ve learnt a lot throughout the past year. Met new peeps, particularly at the law firm. Done a couple of stuff. Succeeded. Failed. In all things, glory to God.

About your spoken word skills, definitely a major improvement. Most definitely! Vast difference between the one who started and the one who last stood and did ‘Lemme Be A Lil Creative’ at the Casual Sunday service. And of course, the change in direction. Don’t be perturbed by what others say. Just keep that creativity flowing.

Be more vigilant and consistent in your duties, brah!! Especially at home. I know you do stuff, but not always on a regular basis. Be more consistent about it. And use the punching bag more often! You oughta be keeping fit. You’re a candidate for #BlackDontCrack, man! You’re next in line to look like a 22 year old at the age of 40!

So, our major eyi: the relationship distin. Oh well… a good lesson learnt during this year was how much of an element of death is included in true love. Sacrifice. Dying to self. Major lesson for the future. I don’t know what it holds. It’s possible it’s gonna be the same ol same ol, I dunno. Just keep trusting. Keep trusting. Keep trusting…

There’s another thing I wanna add: that temper… yeah, it’s blown up only twice this year (as far as I can remember), but keep it in tighter check. What happened last night should never, EVER happen again. The guilt that gnaws at the conscience is enough of a deterrent.

And most of all, never forget the gospel! Remember that John Piper sermon you listened to recently? All about seeing Christ as the real treasure we’d gladly give up everything for. Pray this not only over yourself, but your family and church family and friends as well. We can’t afford to not see Him as the Treasure Chest of Holy Joy He is. May your heart be enlarged to treasure Him more and more on this earthly sojourn.

Welcome to level 27.


Oh, and PS: Take more pictures, man!! The collage for this year ain’t too trendy. Gotta get some more dapper photos taken!!

Start Over? Epilogue

So now we know what’s happened. At the end of it all, Marcus stuck to the Zambian. I don’t wanna leave it hanging at just that, though. Something a lil more finna be added (why am I even using that word ‘finna’? Smh at myself. lol). So, this episode draws the curtain on what has been two months of following the story of this little group of peeps..

It had been a long and pretty tough eighteen months.

Within this time, there had been many temptations to call it quits, to find pleasure in someone else, and to even call up Allison and start over. But he had now learned to master his feelings, so he kept them in check.

Now, at the airport, Marcus waited for his sweet girlfriend Temwani to arrive.

Standing at the arrival space, he remembered it all. How her father had informed him of the short stay and his approval of their relationship, the bitter feedback from Allison over his choice, the disapproval of it from quite a number of friends, especially Jerry… it hadn’t been easy at all. With the help of his parents and friends who approved of the union, though, as well as his own willpower, keeping the fire with Temwani stoked through Skype chats and long-distance calls was enough. After the hassle of the past few months, he had been fully persuaded that this was the right route.

Patiently waiting for the moment she would come out, he stood behind the few family members who were awaiting her as well, chatting with the latest married couple in town.

Basit and Sefakor.

Their engagement – which had been done just as they had planned that day in Basit’s living room – right up to their pretty lavish wedding, had been one of the highlights of this waiting season. Having known Basit since their days back at St. Augustine’s, it was more than a pleasure to help out the many ways he could. Sefakor would have loved to have Temwani’s input in the preparations, but the Zambian was more than enough help in her own way, especially on the night before the wedding, where she stayed up late enough to have a pretty long Skype chat with the bride-to-be to quell her pre-wedding jitters. Now, as Marcus spoke and laughed with them, they had had one of the most exciting weddings held that year. They had just completed the second half of their honeymoon in the United States. The first half was enjoyed at Akosombo.

Listening to Sefakor narrate one of their experiences, he shook his head and grinned, because Sefakor was being… Sefakor. The spontaneous, hilarious lady they all knew her to be.

In the middle of her speech, she stopped, her eyes fixed on the door through which the people arrived. She pointed. “Look, she’s in.”

The two guys turned to look.

There she was, walking out of the exit, wearing a black blouse and black leggings. Marcus was spellbound as he watched her walk in their direction. Oh, Lord, look at her! I’ve missed her so much…

“Herh, look at Temwani’s hips!” Sefakor said in a slow, childlike tone of voice. Nudging Marcus with a mischievous grin on her face, she continued, “Now Marcus is going to handle some serious things!”

Snapping out of his trance, Marcus gave her that mocking harsh look, making zipping motions with his right hand. Then he faced Basit and said, “Massa, I no dey like what you dey do ooo.”

“AH??!! Na me, what I do?” Basit responded, looking confused.

“The two shall become one. Therefore if your missus dey fool about, then automatically, you too dey fool some,” Marcus quipped, laughing as his friend dismissed his statement.

Meeting her relatives who were in front of them, Temwani did a lot of hugging and pecking as she greeted them. After hugging Joy, she looked ahead and saw the three. She looked stunned for a moment.

Then, leaving her trolley with her beloved younger cousin, she walked quickly towards them, loudly whimpering, “Marcus! Oh my goodness, Marcus!”

Stepping forward, he opened wide his arms. She flew straight into them. Sobbing, she said, “Oh, Lord, Marcus, I’ve missed you so much!! I can’t believe I nearly let this go! I’m so sorry…”

“Sssshhh, it’s alright, baby girl,” Marcus gently said. “Look at me.”

She tilted her head back from his shoulder to look at him. Their foreheads touched as they stared into each other’s eyes.


“Temmy, no need to apologize. It was my fault, remember? And in any case, it’s over now, okay? That chapter is over. If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s how mastering your emotions is so important. I’ve learnt it’s so important for life in general. I can’t afford to be tossed to and fro by what I feel.  I won’t be telling you the truth if I said I’ve not had thoughts of ending this relationship. That I didn’t consider an Allison comeback, or no other girl appealed to me throughout this time. I didn’t let those fleeting feelings take control. Because I’m thoroughly persuaded and steadfast in the fact that, it’s you I want.”

She smiled, a tear running down her cheek.

“You’re the one I wanna continue to go on Pinocchio dates with. You’re the one I want to introduce to the world as the wonderful, intelligent creative that I’m ready to support no matter what. You’re the one I wanna see being walked down the aisle to join me at the altar. You’re the one I wanna go world-tripping with, discovering the beauty of this world. You’re the one I wanna have squabbles with and make sweet love to afterwards. I wanna kiss your belly when it protrudes with the arrival of our beautiful babies, and feed you all the ice cream cakes and kelewele your heart desires. You’re the one I want to spend my life with. I mean every word of this, Temwani. Even if my mind lingers a little bit, even if we experience a little friction here and there, I know this is what I want. I wanna be with you, through sweet and sour moments. God is my witness. I love you, girl.”

Wiping her eyes, she took a deep breath. “Oh, Marcus. That’s so wonderful. I love you too, and I want it all. I want it all. It’s you and you alone I wanna be with.” She wrapped her arms around his neck again, burying her face in his shoulder.

It was a truly magical feeling for them. All those months of having to wait and remain satisfied with Skype sessions suddenly felt like the 1800s as they remained in that embrace. This must be how Jacob felt when he finally got married to Rachel, Marcus thought in amusement.

The newly married couple just stood by, overjoyed to witness the fruit of Marcus’ painful but clearly worthwhile wait: a beautiful reunion with the lady of his life.

“Mmmm. By the way, Temmy, good Lord, you’re looking stunning! Papa Joe and Mama Stella have really been doing you good,” he murmured flirtatiously in her ear.

That giggle he had only been hearing over the phone and laptop resonated in his ears. “Hush, baby boy, hush,” she scolded teasingly as she let go of him to embrace the new couple and congratulate them. Of course, the missus wouldn’t let her off without a tease.

“Eiiiiiiii, Temwani, look at how big your hips have become. Please, I am in love with you and want to snatch you from Marcus. What do you say?”

The three of them looked to the sky in mock frustration as she laughed at her own madness. “I say you’re a crazy little girl,” Temwani laughed, giving her a playful slap on the head.

“Woah, girl! Put some respeck on the ring, girl!” Sefakor shot back in a sassy, Americanized accent, showing off her wedding band.

Temwani laughed and saluted. “Yes, Mrs. Alhassan! Still feeling happy?”

“Oh yeah, shawty! I’m still happeeeeeeeee!” Sefakor responded, snapping her fingers and swaying from side to side. She and Basit had almost perfectly executed their own choreography of the popular song at their wedding, and the video was going quite viral.

“Listen, chale,” Basit said, “we need to get back to Sefa’s house and get the last of her stuff.”

“No problem. Excuse me for a minute, though. Let me just get my stuff from my folks. I have to talk to you guys later about the ideas I showed you for your living room. My wedding gift to you,” Temwani replied before walking towards her cousin.

As Marcus watched her go, he felt the couple move to stand beside him, Sefakor on the right and Basit on the left. Sefakor patted him on the shoulder and said gently, “All those things you told her, Marc, that was so beautiful. I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you, Sefa,” he said, putting his arm around her. Putting his other arm around Basit, he continued, “I owe you guys a whole lot. You’re a major reason I got through this season. You’re Godsent friends for real, no jokes.”

Basit patted him at the back. “It’s for moments like these, chale. I no get much talk, but… the future is now.”

Marcus nodded. “Yes indeed. Time to get serious. I’m going to help her establish the business and get grounded, then I can start plans of making her mine. God, I’m so thankful I have her.”

Another pat from his friend. “Everything cool now?”

He nodded and smiled. “Everything cool now.”

“Wait!” Sefakor said, hands up, as if she was stopping a car from moving. She had a serious look on her face, as if she had just discovered something groundbreaking. “Pidgin is a spectacular language. The question and the answer can be the same thing. ‘Everything cool now?’ ‘Everything cool now.’ Amazing!”

“Herh, see, Basit, get this your crazy wife out of here!”

They all laughed as Basit dragged her away, calling out to Temwani and waving at her. Taking her handbag from the trolley, she walked up to him, that evergreen sweet smile on her face. Marcus said, “Hey ma, what’s up?”

She let out that equally evergreen giggle. “I was thinking, I’ll leave my stuff with Joy and the others. They’ll take it to their place later. I wanna go see your parents. I’ve missed them, and I want them to know I’m back now. What do you say?”

Marcus shrugged. “Not a problem, Temmy. As long as I can be with you, I’m good. Shall we move, my Zambian empress?”

She smiled and curtsied. “Yes, my GH king.”

As he took her hand, she seemed to remember something. “Oh, lest I forget.” She brushed his cheeks with her fingernails. “Territory duly marked.”

Marcus grinned and kissed her on the forehead. “Ditto, love. Ditto.”

Squeezing each other’s hands affectionately, they walked out onto the car park and headed towards Marcus’ car.

THE END (for real! lol)

Special thanks to my sister Efyah. She assisted me in her own ways in doing this series. Sharing in my sovereignty. hehehe. I definitely wouldn’t be a good person if I didn’t acknowledge her help.

Appreciation to all of y’all who followed the story with eagerness. The regular commenters: Stacy, Baddy (winner of the Best Comment Award. That ‘Choices’ comment, eh!) and Reuben, y’all are appreciated!

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