No Identity Crisis

One of my numerous poems.

The King of indescribable Majesty, He is the Everlasting Lord,
The Mighty Warrior, battling the nations, from His mouth emerges a double-edged sword,
Omnipotent, Omniscient, Self-Existent, Self-Sufficient, Eternal and Sovereign,
Is there any co-equal to this most Magnificent of Beings? No, He is above all things,
Can you hear as He loudly proclaims, “I AM THE LORD, AND BESIDE ME, THERE IS NO OTHER,
Listen, people. This is our God, and He has no identity crisis,
So why have we placed Him in a box and act like He only deserves a part of our life, like the trays you put your ice in?
Its like we’ve pushed Him to the background, and we offer Him flimsy shout-outs every now and then,
While we indulge in the lusts of this world, thinking we’ve paid God His due, so there’s no problem, you’re still friends,
So much that the soul sold out for the Saviour is savoured as majorly over-the-top or insane,
‘You’re too crazy about Jesus, man! I love Him too, but at least, He wants us to have some space!’
Space?? You don’t know what you’re talking about.
To have a bride totally His, totally sold out for Him was the major reason Jesus was sent,
That’s why the Bible says we were bought with a price, He didn’t pay a fee for weekly rent!
He died for all that all who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him,
I warn you, it is a waste of time putting Him on the side and living for yourself, trust me, you won’t win.
He. Wants. It. All.
Listen, people. This is our God, and He has no identity crisis,
So why have some reduced Him to some magic genie who must supply all their needs… no, sorry- greeds, and behave like they have control on Him like a light switch?
Indeed, what an awesome Creator worthy of worship He is, creating and naming every single star,
But some are more interested in pushing His presents unto their laps, that’s why they lean on the Everlasting Arms,
They don’t chase after God because of Him, but because of what they can get,
‘God, I want a new car, a new house, that visa and bigger things I haven’t imagined yet!’
Demanding earthly stuffs from the Eternal One like He was made to be their waiter,
Serving them at the table of greed, selfishness and carnality, material and money chasers.
But hear me! He does not exist to serve us / We are His servants,
And we should even be grateful, coz we didn’t deserve much – oh, wait, did I say much? I mean NOTHING!
But His grace came through, and by that grace so true, we have the privilege to be something.
This is our God, and He has no identity crisis,
So let’s toss away that contemporary nonsense and set our focus on who Christ is.
He is Holy, He is Awesome, He is the Good Shepherd that lays down His life for the sheep,
He is the Righteous Branch, the Desire of all nations, the Holy One of Israel who knocked death out with a 3 day sleep,
He is the Resurrected King, He’s the Glorified Son, like sheep, we’ve all gone astray, but through Him and in Him, we’ve become one.
He is the Treasure of Heaven, the One of whom the angels, elders and creatures sing, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord GOD Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!’
He is Inexplicable Majesty, highly exalted on His glorious seat,
And we have no choice but to slay our foolish pride and pay homage to Him as we lay prostrate at His feet.
This is the God of whom I speak, and He does not have an identity crisis,
So we better go on our knees, repent of our foolishness and totally surrender to the Mighty One of Jacob Who is righteous!
Time to cast down our misconceptions of who God is and conform to the God of the Scriptures, the One in Whom eternal life is,
Time to die to our selfish desires, take up our cross and follow Him for who He is, staying true till our mortal bodies are declared lifeless.
Because at the end, it’s not about us. Never has been, and never will be.
It’s about Him, Who was and is and forever will be…

Man In The Garden

If you’ve been following the story I posted, I hope you like it. Don’t worry, I’ll feed your suspense-struck desires soon. lol. In the meantime, I recorded this little message based on something I learnt from Genesis 2:8. I sound kinda shaky, I know, but still take a listen and be blessed!



Slow Burn

She fell to the ground, dazed once again by the heavy impact of his flying hand upon her cheek. Not for the first time in over eighteen months, she lay there as her husband, enraged at the fact that she had forgotten to use a special seasoning for his grilled chicken, rained invectives upon her.

“You stupid woman! I thought I’ve told you time after time to NOT leave that seasoning out the mix! What kind of imbecile are you? Huh? Don’t you have any sense up there?” he bellowed, punctuating each fury-fuelled statement with a kick to her side.

Wincing in pain, she didn’t cry out in agony. This was all too familiar the scenario; someway somehow, whenever her husband came home from work, he found fault with something and beat her up. She had cried so much over the past year and a half, her tear glands had retired prematurely. Too much physical and emotional pain within.

Her husband stood over her, breathing heavily, his rage seemingly pacified with the beating he had given her. He said to her in a low but threatening voice, “Noww I’m going to watch some TV, because I had a long day, and then we’ll go to bed. And if you don’t do things the way I like it… I don’t think I need to say much. You already know what I’ll do, and you know it’ll not be pretty.” He then walked away.

+                             +                             +                             +                             +                             +                             +

She was huddled up in the corner of her bedroom, hugging her knees tightly. Rocking back and forth, hitting the wall many a time, she babbled to herself, already in fear of what was likely to happen later that night.

Flora was her name, and she had been trapped in this hellhole of a marriage to Emmanuel for almost two years. How sweet, caring and loving he had appeared to be when they first met. Sadly, that lovely attitude she had encountered when they dated for a little over six months was nothing but a cover-up. He had been pretty adamant about settling down with her quickly, and her parents didn’t have a problem with that; they were not very affluent and were pleased to have a well-to-do young man ready to marry her and take good care of her. So they had a private but sweet wedding, and they left Ghana to settle in Pennsylvania.

A few weeks in, and he started to show his true colours. The truth was that he was one impatient and brash guy who easily got irritated, and she was the major victim of his tantrums and flare-ups. Sometimes, he’d even throw stuff at her because someone at work got him angry. That was the extent to which his abuse reached.

Now, as she sat there, worn out from every sort of abuse she had suffered since the Prince Charming she had fallen head over heels in love with had turned into a monster, she just had no clue what to do. She barely knew anyone around her neighbourhood, for she was more or less a housewife, and even if she did, she was too scared to tell anyone.

“I can’t take another night of this. I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m sick of this. What do I do? What do I do?” she moaned to herself. Tear glands finally seeming to get back to work, two straight lines started to form down her eyes as she wept bitterly over her predicament. “I’m so miserable, so miserable. I’d do anything to get outta here. Anything!” she cried.

The tears flowed for a few minutes, then she fell silent. A silence that lasted for a while. Then she remembered she had to turn off the cooker in the kitchen. She rushed downstairs and passed behind Emmanuel, who was seated on the couch watching TV, into the kitchen.

Turning the knob the other way to switch the gas supply off, she remembered back in the days when handling such a cooker brought such fear to her. Haha, I always had this crazy imagination that I’d accidentally drop a lit match on the cylinder and the whole house would blow up. Haha! Silly imaginations back then…

“FLORA! Get me a glass of apple juice!”

She flinched at the sound of her husband’s voice. Nothing but fear and contempt filled her heart whenever she saw, heard or even thought of him. That devilish bastard! I wish he’d just die!

She stopped at that thought which had just flashed through her brain. She looked down at the gas cylinder. Then she looked at the doorway, from where Emmanuel’s harsh voice had just boomed out a command.

Within seconds, a smile grew upon her face.

She had a plan.


If Only She Had…

A little flash fiction to start the year… 

As he steadied the camera to get a good shot, his heart burned within him with rage and unhappiness. As the couple in front of him prepared their pose for their photo, he couldn’t help but recollect the pain, embarrassment that had piled up within for such a long time.

Externally, he had a professional look on, but inwardly, all that flashed through his mind was images of the past.

How he had been in love with the lady standing there for such a long time, since they were mere teenagers still trying to find out what there was to this thing called life.

How he had made his feelings known during that period of time. He hadn’t held back, but he had told her how crazy he was about her and how he wanted to be with her.

How she had never actually consented to his proposal and kept him on tenterhooks for the past five to six years, hoping against hope that somehow, all those seemingly crazy fantasies would become reality and she’d be his.

How this guy had suddenly popped up ‘out of nowhere’. He had been around for the last two years, but had never really thought of him. Just another new guy who had joined the choir…

That painful Wednesday evening when he called her. It was on that day she dropped the bombshell on him: she was now in a relationship with that other guy.

How he had flipped and spazzed out at the announcement. He had appeared pretty immature at that point, but he didn’t really care. He had been wounded badly, slapped harder in the face than he could have ever imagined. This hurt.

And even now, as he was getting ready to take pictures of the couple, he still felt saltier than Lot’s wife. As through the lens, he saw the guy happily smiling with his arms around the girl’s waist, the thoughts reverberated through his mind. I should have been the one standing next to her. How could she have done this to me? How dare he swoop in and snatch her from me like that?

He started taking the photos.

As they posed and laughed, obviously loving the moments as they changed positions with each flash of the camera, the turbulence continued to dwell in his brain. If only she had accepted my proposal

Make A Change This Year

My first post of 2015! Thank God for the grace to see this year. I pray everyone reading this will see the end of the year. Amen!

So I said earlier on Facebook that I’m not looking to make resolutions for the year. Just like a billion others, I fail horribly at such. I only get as far as the end of January, and I forget those resolutions ever existed. So I’m definitely not into that ‘new year, new me’ nonsense (do people still do that these days? Ugh!)

But over the weekend, I really took certain things into account, and certain things need to change for sure. The future has to be taken into serious consideration – not just when I’m older, but for the REAL future of eternity. So spiritual changes need to be made, financial changes need to be made… many changes are in order. So no, these aren’t resolutions, but they are necessary. Necessary for my growth and maturity. And I’ve started working on them.

One of which is my inability to cook.

This feels embarrassing to admit, but aside a breakfast and cleaning up, I’m pretty useless in the kitchen. *sigh* I know, I know, that’s pathetic. And that’s why I need to make that change evident by the end of this year, by His grace. I mean, if I stay as useful in the kitchen as a floppy disk in this modern age, I’m gonna have it tough when I start living on my own. I love a dose of kelewele, Hausa koko and the like in the evenings, but making it too constant will certainly make me sick of them.

Another little aim of mine is to travel through the Scriptures with Mr. Matthew Henry this year. Yep, the man who wrote the world famous commentary. I’ve started with that, and it’s already a very enlightening experience. And it’s where I need support & prayers the most, coz I never achieve that aim of reading through to the very end. The farthest I’ve ever reached is Jeremiah. So I really need strength from above to go through this, and that the knowledge won’t be just stay in my brain, but will be lived out (Jackie Hill Perry’s song ‘Educated Fool’ just came to mind. Oh, did I mention ‘The Art of Joy’ is my choice for best CHH album of 2014?? No? ok, then I just did. Ha!)

So then, I got other changes, but I ain’t gonna state those. Just know that you need to make an evaluation yourself, note down areas of your life that really need improvement and start working towards making that change.

And before all that, pray to God to give you the grace to make those changes, because with your own strength, you can only go a little distance. But if He who began and will finish our faith endows you with grace, you can make that change.

So, I pray you’ll seek to do what is necessary. Whether praying more, learning the Word more, learning a new hobby, getting closer to your loved ones, saving more money.. whatever it could be, seek to get it done. I pray that in December, we can all look back and see that we’re better than we were a year ago. Amen.

My Lil Thoughts On What’s Going On In America

Now I know I’m not in America, so these issues shouldn’t take too much precedence over what’s going on in my own country. At least, that’s how some people will feel. But really, concerning what’s happened over the past couple of weeks, I just feel like I have to write something about it.

Well, earlier this year, Trayvon Martin’s killer was acquitted. Then just about a week or two ago, the police officer that shot Michael Brown was let off the hook; no charges against him. Then last night, I got come from church to find out that the cop that triggered the death of Eric Garner has also been let off the hook. Despite the fact that there was video evidence of what happened.

It saddens me that justice is seemingly so lopsided over there. It’s so unfortunate that these particular cases that have been blown up in the media ended up this way. It’s left a lot of people outside the States very salty about the country. Especially with Eric Garner’s case. OK, so maybe Michael Brown’s case was slightly complicated. But seriously, to ‘discard’ (if using that word is alright) this case of homicide, which was recorded by an eyewitness, is disgusting to me. If I’m right, back in July, a 17 year old young man, Ivins Rosier, was sentenced to 23 years for fatally shooting a police dog. Granted, he may have broken into a trooper’s home and done the deed, which is wrong and deserves punishment. But isn’t it quite insulting that a human being dies at the hands of cops, and it’s dismissed? Aren’t people gonna see this and immediately draw the conclusion that to the judiciary, even dogs are more important than black people? Is it any wonder that North Korea described America as a ‘graveyard of human rights’?

It saddens me that I go on Twitter and I see African Americans so upset about this, to the extent that some, who are parents, tweet about the fact that their little children see all this and already have it embedded in their brains that an activity as simple as going out of their house could lead to their deaths and the state wouldn’t be bothered about it. This tweet by Propaganda is a clear cut (and a really heartbreaking) example…


Personally, I’ve not had blatant racist attacks against me (I was just stared at a lot on the bus in Germany, especially by the old ones), but I can understand how they feel. It’s painful that after years of being ostracized and treated as sub-standard beings, with the Jim Crow laws and all, and the fight for equality, things haven’t changed the way Martin Luther King dreamt it would.

I mean, even with the tiny knowledge of law I’ve accumulated in the past 3 months, I don’t see how the officer goes scot free. It’s obvious the choke hold was the factual cause of the death. And the fact that they did nothing to help him while he screamed, “I can’t breathe!”, doesn’t it count as an omission of their contractual duty to the citizens of the state? Surely that’s more than enough to make it a case worthy of indictment!

Oh well, my questions won’t change anything. All these issues only tend to remind me that this is a depraved world, corrupted by sin and decaying real fast. I learnt a while back to stop wasting my time hoping the world will soon become a better place. That won’t happen. But even if it doesn’t, we still ought to fight to establish God’s kingdom here. We are the salt and the light of the earth, ambassadors of Christ, and we must strive for righteousness and justice to be established wherever we find ourselves. I strongly appeal to my people up in the States: don’t let these things knock you down, but continue the fight. It’s time to get practical with our faith and stop limiting it to just church services and departmental meetings and stuff. Time to work. Trust me, I’m seeing how necessary it is, even in my church. It is time to really get busy. Busy in prayer, and busy on the streets.

In the meantime, though, for all of you, just know I shall keep you in my prayers. It’s the best I can do right now. Black Americans and Caucasians. And all other races up there. We all bear the Imago Dei (the image of God). Let love lead.

And the way some of us are so upset about this issue of racism and injustice, I pray that same hatred spreads across to all other types of sin. We can’t afford to be indifferent to sin; that’s as bad as sin itself.


Love Over Laws



‘Oh, hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” the lady shouted, hopping about in extreme ecstasy.

We were all witnesses of it, and although we weren’t jumping about like her, we were all just about as excited as she was, considering all she had been through since we had known her.

At the time I was born, this lady who was now jumping about was bent over in this really weird position. Growing up, I always thought she was messing about, but after a while, I noticed it was pretty serious; she never stood up straight. Always bent over in a really uncomfortable position. My parents had no idea what was wrong with her. The only real piece of information they ever gave me was that it was sudden. They were just in the market one afternoon, chatting heartily when instantly she just cricked over, and that was it.

So I and my brother Evi grew up seeing this woman in a pathetic state. Always needing someone to help her, always in obvious agony. Of course, we helped her every now and then, but it was always quite a disheartening feeling to see her in that state, year after year. If only someone could help her. Because everybody else who could possibly help was of no help at all.

Then that man came into town. That man who came to preach and teach the word of God with some serious level of authority. I still remember the first time I heard him. Wow! I was taken aback. He was something else!

His name was Jesus.

So that day was another Sabbath, and as usual, the whole family was on their way to the synagogue. Our dear friend was with us as well. Something I really admired about her was her dedication to fellowship. Even though this condition had left her in an awful state to the eye, she never failed to come to the synagogue.

So this great teacher named Jesus was at the synagogue, and he was teaching. We listened to him as spoke about the commandments of God in a way we had never really heard before. Simply awesome!

Then as we listened, he stopped for a moment. He was looking at someone. I followed his gaze and realized it was in the direction of our lady friend. Everybody turned to what he was looking at. The lady seemed quite uncomfortable.

But Jesus gently beckoned to her and said in a clam but firm and audible voice, “Come.”

Slowly, with the help of one of the people living with her, she came to the front of the synagogue where Jesus was preaching.

He looked at her for a moment, then said, “Woman! You are loosed from your infirmity!”

Immediately after that, he placed his hands upon her low shoulders, kept them on for about five seconds, then let go.

What followed left us all stunned.

She stood up straight! For the first time in my life, I saw this lady standing like a normal human being. I couldn’t believe it! Such an awesome miracle!

As she jumped about in sheer delight, overjoyed at the reality that she had been healed, we were happy too, lifting our hands and praising the Lord. Little did we know that someone wasn’t happy with what was going on.

The synagogue ruler.

He was really strict and unrelenting when it came to keeping the rules intact. And of course, it was a Sabbath day; we weren’t supposed to do any sort of work. So with what was going on, he definitely wouldn’t be pleased.

He rushed forward and once in front of everyone, he raised his hands and in a harsh voice announced, “Listen, people! This is the Sabbath day. we’re supposed to keep it holy. That means no work of any sort. Including healing. If you really need to be healed of some sickness, there are six days you can come and get healed. But not on the Sabbath day! The law is the law, and it should be kept as such!”

That certainly dampened the mood. Of course! We were supposed to obey the law.

But then Jesus looked at the official. And trust me, he looked very annoyed!

“Tell me, if your lamb needs water on the Sabbath day, don’t you untie it from its stall and lead it to where it can drink?” he asked calmly.

The synagogue official raised his hand to argue, but stopped halfway. A nice question. Clearly he couldn’t dispute that.

Jesus shook his head, looked straight at him and said really harshly, “You hypocrite! You care for your animals and don’t forget to do what’s necessary for them. how much more this woman, who is a daughter of Abraham, and has been bound by the evil one all these years? Shouldn’t she be relieved of all her pain and grief on a Sabbath day? shame on you!”

As the ruler stood there, clearly rendered speechless by this harsh rebuke from Jesus, he hung his head in shame.

And we, we rejoiced and praised the Lord.

Because this man Jesus was showing us something about the heart of the Father. A God who loved us. A God who loved His people.