It Baffles Me

So, despite the fact that I’m really busy at the moment, with incoming exams, it’s that time again. Spoken word poetry. This is actually the first poem I’m posting that I’ve performed before. On a Wednesday, after messing up pretty badly at a previous ministration during the weekend (lol, the embarrassment still kinda lingers in my brain, though it’s been almost a year since it happened).

The title is ‘It Baffles Me’, inspired by a line from Beautiful Eulogy’s ‘Wonderful’ off their debut album ‘Satellite Kite’…

The mystery of the Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection…
It baffles me.
It baffles me how the Maker of Majesty could become a Man and die on a cross to save a lost humanity.
Many love stories I’ve heard in my lifetime, but this is the ultimate masterpiece,
Of how the Bridegroom loved us and gave Himself for us so we’d be turned from enemies to family,
How He absorbed the wrath meant for us so we would receive divine amnesty,
You see, we’ve not been spared just a little, no, we’ve been forgiven massively,
Regenerated by the Holy Spirit, we are now new creations, seeking Him actively,
Loving God and man until He comes back so we can go home and forever live happily,
Ever after,
In the joyful presence of the Infinite Master,
Where righteousness, holiness and love is the standard.
It baffles me, but actually, for the logical mind, I don’t need your answers please,
Coz I live by faith and no atheistic or scientific diction could ever convince me that this is all just some sort of fiction or fallacies,
I believe with all of my heart in the Son of God who chose to hang for me
And for you, yes!
The Great I AM who left His divine aura of heavenly majesty,
Put on human flesh and walked this earth humbly and candidly,
Allowed the heathens to beat and nail Him to a cross, oh my goodness, His blood all over Golgotha was splattering,
But, He went up on that tree and died a criminal’s death so that you and I can be free,
Cancelling our debt and all the penalties that it incurred, yes, now we have relief.
And I pray that as you hear this, you too will realise that you can believe and can be freed,
By the One who loved and chose you long before mangoes and apples hanged from trees,
Just go down on your knees, acknowledge your fallenness, cry out for mercy and I assure you, He will be answering
Your call
Because He was sent to seek and save that which was lost,
And I assure you, He won’t relent until He has it all,
So stop holding back, and surrender to the Lord,
Jesus Christ. The only Way to the Father. That is all!!!

Amazing Love Indeed

So last Wednesday, for our usual mid-week service, my church had a
film show. The movie on display? ‘Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea’.
It was already shown around the same time last year, and it was
certainly a film that shook many of the young peeps around, including
myself. Initially, a few didn’t fully see the use of showing it again,
but truth be told, I’m glad we did. And I’m not a fan of movies, to be

Such a beautiful reminder of unconditional love.
For those who’ve never watched it, here’s a gist: so the story
revolves around a youth pastor going for camp with some youth,
including three interesting guys, one girl and an extra visitor: one
really cute shawty (sorry, but it’s true. She’s fine! Lol) with
attitudinal problems, mainly stemming from family problems, namely an
absent father and a pretty irresponsible mama. Well, the attitude
rears its ugly head and a little altercation ensues between her and
the other girl. The others try and calm things down, but a simple
comment from the youth pastor’s wife gave him an idea.

“That girl needs a huge dose of unconditional love.”

Later that night, he tells them the story of Hosea, how he married
Gomer, who was very unfaithful to him, and yet took her back when she
left. It’s kinda like two stories in one.

To be honest, my attention span wavered in between (like I said, I’m
not a movie person *shrug*), but the most gripping part of the film is
at the auction center, if I should put it that way. Gomer gets herself
a homie on the side, lying to Hosea that she’s attending to her sick
father. Imagine the surprise when the prophet visits the old man and
hears him say he’s at his fittest! Lol. Anyway, after having a lil fun
with the homie, things get ugly and he tosses her aside. I plainly
remember him telling his guards, “I have no need for this one.”

Now the auction center. Gomer looks awful, a complete wreck. Messed
up. And the auctioneer tries to sell her off for a price of one piece
of silver. But the most anybody is willing to give is half a homer of
barley. Even a lil bit of hyping doesn’t work; the dude is resolute in
his bid. So the ‘going once’ comes, ‘going twice’ comes…

And a loud voice comes in. “Fifteen pieces of silver!” It’s Hosea!

Everyone turns and looks at him like, “Uh, homie, is you stupid or something?”

He then adds a homer and half a homer of barley. The people around
still think he’s a nutcase, but the auctioneer immediately declares
her sold to him. So he goes, carries her, and takes her home.

Bear in mind, this was the same woman who was cheating him. Imagine
the agony he went through when he knew she was being unfaithful and
the people in town were mocking him for it. They already disliked him
coz he spoke God’s warnings to them on the regular.

As I watched it the second time, the picture of this unconditional
love was magnified to me once again. It’s beautiful. Because Gomer
represents us, and Hosea represents God.

We were made to be His, to have fellowship with the Ultimate Master
and find joy in none other than Him. Sadly, our hearts turned astray
and we started chasing after other gods and trying to satisfy our
longings with the wrong things. The sad aspect is that those broken
cisterns we grab offer us some sort of satisfaction, just like what
Gomer had with her side guy (did I use that correctly?). But a time
comes when those ‘gods’ turn out to actually not have their interests
at heart. They destroy us and leave us wrecked and broken. I feel
tears wanting to leak whenever that picture of Gomer looking so
pitiful and wretched in that corner as she was being sold off, because
it’s a fitting image of how we were. We were a hot mess, a pathetic
bunch with no hope. Headed towards a horrific future.

Then God gave us His fifteen pieces of silver. Jesus Christ.

Despite the numerous grievances humanity has caused God, from the
escapades of the early Israelites to this modern generation, God still
loves us with a passion that cannot be explained. He was the Hosea
that was willing to spend all He had just to free us from bondage. And
trust me, if there were gods like Him, they’d probably think He’s an
idiot. Why should He give up His life for a people tinier and nowhere
near as powerful, who don’t even want to have anything to do with Him?
How can He place such a large value on creations that don’t merit so
much as a fraction of it?

It’s crazy. It makes no sense to our brains. But it’s beautiful. And
it’s true. It’s grace.

Would I watch it again? Uhhh, yeah. Just to get a glimpse of that cutie….

Lol, okay, I’m joking. I would, even though my attention span would be
a problem (as it always has been), but I wouldn’t mind watching that
part again. It’s enough to reduce one to tears.

And yes, if you’ve not watched it yet, I highly encourage you to. It’s
a timely reminder of the love that God has for us. Love that looked
past our infidelity and rescued us from sin’s grip. Love that carried
us into His arms after evil threw us in the garbage can. A love that
is simply…



Winds & Waves Know His Name

It’s that time again. Spoken word poetry!! In addition, I’m excited to mention that God willing, my group will be putting together our first mixtape!! I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted. In the meantime though, enjoy…

The big smile you see on my face, that bright and beautiful curving of my lips,
That bubbly countenance upon my face, telling you that my current state is all joy and bliss,
In reality is nothing more than a façade, something like a reenactment of the serpent’s words to Eve – a trick,
My laughter just a mask to mask up the massive pain concealed within,
My brain is a whirlwind.
Thoughts spinning in 360s like XBOX, driven by turbulence, debris of confusion and bewilderment,
Adding up to cause a raging turmoil within me, emotions darker than rain clouds, threatening to turn into their bitterest,
My soul is weighed down with frustration, my heart heavier than an elephant,
Trying to make sense of it all, how did this state of misery and perplexity become my residence?
Because the arrows are flying in from all angles and it’s almost like my shield seems short,
I’m most likely right in the middle of my highest trials, like I’m standing in the Supreme Court,
And it’s not a pleasant experience at all, I almost feel like I’ve been trampled upon like tasteless salt,
In the midst of it all, there’s that little, small still voice reminding me that not all is lost,
Because I have a Person I can turn to, the One who on Calvary His love for me He chose to flaunt,
The One who raised the dead and opened up the eyes of the blind,
The One who is the Mediator between a Holy God and a sinful creation that kills, steals and lies,
He saved my life and promised me that through every storm, He would never leave my side,
That even the strongest of waves could never destroy me because He’s in control of the tide,
You see, the Man that left the disciples puzzled at how a person could wield power over nature remains the same,
No matter the era, there’s no alteration in His make up, the winds and the waves still know His name.
So, be still, my soul, and trust in Him,
The winds and waves still know His name.
Be still, my soul, and trust in Him,
For He is sovereign, these storms will NOT leave you maimed.
Be still, my soul, and trust in Him,
The winds and waves still know His name.

It Is Too Late

Helez held on to the tree for dear life, shivering as he tried his utmost best to withstand the torrential downpour. He was already freezing as his body violently trembled. It had been raining heavily for the past four days, with no pause.

And as he clutched tightly to the tree, thoughts spun through his mind.

How the heck did this happen? I can’t believe that crazy old man was telling the truth all along. Honestly, with all that babbling nonsense about the world being taken over by waters, there’s no way anyone could have believed him. And all that energy and effort put forth into building that giant thingy? We thought he was absolutely insane.

Wow! This is mind-blowing. Really, I thought this was just a crazy hoax. When he came out and told us only seven days were left, Mara and I really mocked him. Then the week passed, and the storm started. It’s been four days now. I’m sure the others may have drowned by now, it can’t be possible that they’ve survived down there. Too bad Mara couldn’t make it out the window. Can’t stop to think about her now, it’s too late. Got to find safety for myself.

If only I could, though…

He looked around, struggling to see, as the relentless downpour continued with force. His grip on the tree lessened as strength faded from his system. As to how he was still breathing was a wonder. He started to slowly slide down as his grip could no longer be firm enough.
Dropping into the growing deluge, though, he saw a big wooden structure not too far away.

Yes! That crazy old man’s ark, or boat, or whatever it’s supposed to be. Maybe he can give me some space. Maybe…

With the little ounce of strength left in him, he grabbed a nearby piece of wood, leaned on it, and kicked his feet violently, moving himself towards the ark.

Eyes burning with determination, he kept his gaze focused on the giant structure. It can’t be too late! Surely I can get some space in there. Surely I can! It’s big enough. They can’t refuse to let me in. they just can’t!

Arriving close to the ark, he was already short of strength, ready to give up. Nevertheless, the thought of finding safety in there wouldn’t let him let go. He climbed onto the ark, and hauled himself up to the nearest window, where he banged loudly on the door.


His loud cries, coupled with his pounding of the window, caught the attention of Ham, who looked up, and was unsurprisingly startled at the sight of Helez, face pressed against the window. He signalled to show he would be back in a moment, and ran out the door.

Helez stayed there, now shivering violently as the raging waters began to take their toll on his system. I hope he’s gonna be good to me.

Ham entered the room with his father. Helez groaned inwardly. Oh crap! He just had to call the old man, didn’t he? Ugh! He probably won’t let me in after all the nonsense I said to him.

Nonetheless, he opened his mouth. “Sir! Please, I beg you with everything in me, open up this ark and let me in. Please! I’m freezing out here. My body is weak. I need safety. Please, open up!”

The old man shook his head sadly. “For years, I warned you. Made it clear to you that a day like this would come. That God would destroy the world with a flood, and the only way out was to seek refuge in this ark. Yet you mocked my message and called me names.”

“Oh, come on, old man! I’m sorry, if that’s what you wanna hear. Alright, I’m sorry. Now pleeeease open up.”

The old man smiled sadly. “I’m sorry, dear one, but I can’t.”

A fiery rage immediately sparked up in Helez. “For real? Seriously? You’re gonna do me like that?” he bellowed weakly.

The old man was unperturbed by his tantrum. “If I had been the one to lock the doors, maybe I’d have helped you. But it is the Lord who shut the door behind us. He alone can open it. And He made it clear before this time that He wouldn’t open up to anyone when the grace period was over. You heard it for yourself, but rejected the call to enter. I’m really sorry, but it is too late.”

He walked away.

It is too late. It is too late. It is too late…

The words cut him deep. Muscles numb and mind stupefied by those words, he hardly noticed as the waters gently slid him off the ark and into the deluge. No more strength to fight, no place of refuge available, he didn’t react as the waves took him under, never to bring him back to the surface with the breath of life in his lungs. He would be one of the many, flushed out of the earth by the wrath of a holy God.

No Identity Crisis

One of my numerous poems.

The King of indescribable Majesty, He is the Everlasting Lord,
The Mighty Warrior, battling the nations, from His mouth emerges a double-edged sword,
Omnipotent, Omniscient, Self-Existent, Self-Sufficient, Eternal and Sovereign,
Is there any co-equal to this most Magnificent of Beings? No, He is above all things,
Can you hear as He loudly proclaims, “I AM THE LORD, AND BESIDE ME, THERE IS NO OTHER,
Listen, people. This is our God, and He has no identity crisis,
So why have we placed Him in a box and act like He only deserves a part of our life, like the trays you put your ice in?
Its like we’ve pushed Him to the background, and we offer Him flimsy shout-outs every now and then,
While we indulge in the lusts of this world, thinking we’ve paid God His due, so there’s no problem, you’re still friends,
So much that the soul sold out for the Saviour is savoured as majorly over-the-top or insane,
‘You’re too crazy about Jesus, man! I love Him too, but at least, He wants us to have some space!’
Space?? You don’t know what you’re talking about.
To have a bride totally His, totally sold out for Him was the major reason Jesus was sent,
That’s why the Bible says we were bought with a price, He didn’t pay a fee for weekly rent!
He died for all that all who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him,
I warn you, it is a waste of time putting Him on the side and living for yourself, trust me, you won’t win.
He. Wants. It. All.
Listen, people. This is our God, and He has no identity crisis,
So why have some reduced Him to some magic genie who must supply all their needs… no, sorry- greeds, and behave like they have control on Him like a light switch?
Indeed, what an awesome Creator worthy of worship He is, creating and naming every single star,
But some are more interested in pushing His presents unto their laps, that’s why they lean on the Everlasting Arms,
They don’t chase after God because of Him, but because of what they can get,
‘God, I want a new car, a new house, that visa and bigger things I haven’t imagined yet!’
Demanding earthly stuffs from the Eternal One like He was made to be their waiter,
Serving them at the table of greed, selfishness and carnality, material and money chasers.
But hear me! He does not exist to serve us / We are His servants,
And we should even be grateful, coz we didn’t deserve much – oh, wait, did I say much? I mean NOTHING!
But His grace came through, and by that grace so true, we have the privilege to be something.
This is our God, and He has no identity crisis,
So let’s toss away that contemporary nonsense and set our focus on who Christ is.
He is Holy, He is Awesome, He is the Good Shepherd that lays down His life for the sheep,
He is the Righteous Branch, the Desire of all nations, the Holy One of Israel who knocked death out with a 3 day sleep,
He is the Resurrected King, He’s the Glorified Son, like sheep, we’ve all gone astray, but through Him and in Him, we’ve become one.
He is the Treasure of Heaven, the One of whom the angels, elders and creatures sing, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord GOD Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!’
He is Inexplicable Majesty, highly exalted on His glorious seat,
And we have no choice but to slay our foolish pride and pay homage to Him as we lay prostrate at His feet.
This is the God of whom I speak, and He does not have an identity crisis,
So we better go on our knees, repent of our foolishness and totally surrender to the Mighty One of Jacob Who is righteous!
Time to cast down our misconceptions of who God is and conform to the God of the Scriptures, the One in Whom eternal life is,
Time to die to our selfish desires, take up our cross and follow Him for who He is, staying true till our mortal bodies are declared lifeless.
Because at the end, it’s not about us. Never has been, and never will be.
It’s about Him, Who was and is and forever will be…

Man In The Garden

If you’ve been following the story I posted, I hope you like it. Don’t worry, I’ll feed your suspense-struck desires soon. lol. In the meantime, I recorded this little message based on something I learnt from Genesis 2:8. I sound kinda shaky, I know, but still take a listen and be blessed!



Slow Burn

She fell to the ground, dazed once again by the heavy impact of his flying hand upon her cheek. Not for the first time in over eighteen months, she lay there as her husband, enraged at the fact that she had forgotten to use a special seasoning for his grilled chicken, rained invectives upon her.

“You stupid woman! I thought I’ve told you time after time to NOT leave that seasoning out the mix! What kind of imbecile are you? Huh? Don’t you have any sense up there?” he bellowed, punctuating each fury-fuelled statement with a kick to her side.

Wincing in pain, she didn’t cry out in agony. This was all too familiar the scenario; someway somehow, whenever her husband came home from work, he found fault with something and beat her up. She had cried so much over the past year and a half, her tear glands had retired prematurely. Too much physical and emotional pain within.

Her husband stood over her, breathing heavily, his rage seemingly pacified with the beating he had given her. He said to her in a low but threatening voice, “Noww I’m going to watch some TV, because I had a long day, and then we’ll go to bed. And if you don’t do things the way I like it… I don’t think I need to say much. You already know what I’ll do, and you know it’ll not be pretty.” He then walked away.

+                             +                             +                             +                             +                             +                             +

She was huddled up in the corner of her bedroom, hugging her knees tightly. Rocking back and forth, hitting the wall many a time, she babbled to herself, already in fear of what was likely to happen later that night.

Flora was her name, and she had been trapped in this hellhole of a marriage to Emmanuel for almost two years. How sweet, caring and loving he had appeared to be when they first met. Sadly, that lovely attitude she had encountered when they dated for a little over six months was nothing but a cover-up. He had been pretty adamant about settling down with her quickly, and her parents didn’t have a problem with that; they were not very affluent and were pleased to have a well-to-do young man ready to marry her and take good care of her. So they had a private but sweet wedding, and they left Ghana to settle in Pennsylvania.

A few weeks in, and he started to show his true colours. The truth was that he was one impatient and brash guy who easily got irritated, and she was the major victim of his tantrums and flare-ups. Sometimes, he’d even throw stuff at her because someone at work got him angry. That was the extent to which his abuse reached.

Now, as she sat there, worn out from every sort of abuse she had suffered since the Prince Charming she had fallen head over heels in love with had turned into a monster, she just had no clue what to do. She barely knew anyone around her neighbourhood, for she was more or less a housewife, and even if she did, she was too scared to tell anyone.

“I can’t take another night of this. I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m sick of this. What do I do? What do I do?” she moaned to herself. Tear glands finally seeming to get back to work, two straight lines started to form down her eyes as she wept bitterly over her predicament. “I’m so miserable, so miserable. I’d do anything to get outta here. Anything!” she cried.

The tears flowed for a few minutes, then she fell silent. A silence that lasted for a while. Then she remembered she had to turn off the cooker in the kitchen. She rushed downstairs and passed behind Emmanuel, who was seated on the couch watching TV, into the kitchen.

Turning the knob the other way to switch the gas supply off, she remembered back in the days when handling such a cooker brought such fear to her. Haha, I always had this crazy imagination that I’d accidentally drop a lit match on the cylinder and the whole house would blow up. Haha! Silly imaginations back then…

“FLORA! Get me a glass of apple juice!”

She flinched at the sound of her husband’s voice. Nothing but fear and contempt filled her heart whenever she saw, heard or even thought of him. That devilish bastard! I wish he’d just die!

She stopped at that thought which had just flashed through her brain. She looked down at the gas cylinder. Then she looked at the doorway, from where Emmanuel’s harsh voice had just boomed out a command.

Within seconds, a smile grew upon her face.

She had a plan.