My Lamp Mode Playlist

For about a week now, I’ve been hooked on Lamp Mode music. Of course, I love Christian hip-hop (or hip hop done by Christians, whatever), but for some reason I’m yet to discover, these artists have been on rotation on my iPhone.

- shai linne

- God’s Servant

- Hazakim

- Stephen the Levite

For those that are into this particular genre, you obviously know how particular these guys are about the content of their message. Straight lyrical theology!!

So, I just felt like taking this time out to put up the top 7 songs concerning these guys. For certain reasons, I left Json, S.O. and Timothy Brindle out. Nothing against them. By the way, this is in no particular order…

1. shai linne – Christ Crucified

In this world of do or die, where everything is crazy, the only answer to our woes is… Christ crucified! The lower case MC makes this pretty plain in this song, with an appeal to the listener: if you’re not trusting in Christ, the Father’s wrath abides on you, but “if you make it your business to pray for forgiveness, the Saviour of misfits will take you off His hitlist.”

2. God’s Servant – Worthy Is The Lamb

No, it’s not a remix of the wonderful worship song by Hillsong, but it certainly does the same thing: exalt the Treasure of Heaven that was crucified for our sake, to restore us back to knowing Him in all His awesomeness. Honestly, the chorus may sound rugged to some, but it sends shivers down mi spine. All I sense in there is Christ being lifted high.

3. Stephen the Levite feat. Mac the Doulos & Zae da Blacksmith – Voltron

Voltron! Defender of the universe! Lol, as if I even remember watching it. You probably already know that Voltron is the combination of different space explorers piloting a super robot by that name. Well, the Levite and the other two come together to beautifully show how similar this is to Christ and believers all over the world. This song is more or less a call for unity and a challenge to do your best for the kingdom, no matter how small it is. It’s through this that you’ll discover the Levite’s church job is cleaning the church building. Awesome!

4. Hazakim – Uncut and Raw

Hazakim go hard on this track! Lambasting the mainstream hip-hop that’s constantly played these days is the major thing you hear on this. they expose the major fact: mainstream hip-hop these days pretty much promotes sin.

5. shai linne – Perfect Love

‘Love so perfect, love eternally unchanging, holy, righteous love. Transcends our understanding, but in Your nature, there is perfect love.’ Definitely the most beautiful song on ‘The Attributes of God’ album. Wonderful description of God’s love. Love for the Trinity, love for fallen man that made Him send Christ to die on our behalf, and love for the chosen. shai couldn’t have hit the mark any harder with the ending verse: One thing we truly cannot fathom, we’re stunned / The Father loves us with the very love He has for His Son. Honestly, it’s so overwhelming, I still struggle to let it fully sink in. Forreal…

6. God’s Servant – Hear Ye Saints

I tend to have a soft spot for songs that are…. let’s say remixed from hymns or well-known gospel songs, so this had to make the cut. God’s Servant has only one aim in this song (and in the album, in general), and that’s to exalt the King. He does it oh so gloriously in this song…

7. Hazakim – Kadosh

Just to mention, Hazakim are Messianic Jewish brothers, and the ‘Theophanies album on which the two tracks are was to prove that Yeshua is indeed the promised Messiah. This song is basically the summary of the mentioned theophanies: the 3 men that Abraham served, the stranger that wrestled with Jacob, the burning bush Moses encountered and the angel that met Samson’s parents. They lay it down flat: Christ being the Messiah was stated beforehand in the Old Testament, not a figment of Paul’s imagination. And the patois inna di track? Mi lov it!! Praise di God-Man, I nuh kno Selassie!!!


Words Can Kill

The campus of Glory Institute was in an uproar that early morning of the fifth day of July. Extreme grief, utter confusion and bewilderment were the emotions on display as the vast majority of students gathered at the assembly hall for the regular morning assembly.

Why was there so much confusion that early morning?

Because two students had woken up at dawn, and on their way to fetch water to bath, had seen a horrific sight not too far from their dormitory.

A lifeless body hanging on one of the trees. The name of the deceased was Alvin Amartei. Within half an hour, the news of the death had been heard by everyone on the campus grounds.

He hadn’t been the smartest and most popular guy on campus. As a matter of fact, his academic performances were quite poor, with a number of his teachers constantly complaining. His financial situation hadn’t been the best either, although he managed to make it through a term without getting totally bankrupt to the extent he’d go begging for food and money, being in his second year.

But as the students deliberated over his demise that morning, many felt there was one reason why that had happened: the bullying.

Many people ridiculed him, term after term, for his usually impoverished state and his poor performances. As a result, he had practically no friend. And since he barely impressed in class, quite a number of his teachers castigated and put him on full blast on the regular, labeling him a ‘stupid’ and ‘hopeless’ boy.

As the Headmaster of the school entered the assembly hall and the noise started to subside, the fears of many that they were pretty much the cause of the awful happening that morning grew stronger.

Standing at the podium, the headmaster took his glasses off, wiped his eyes with his handkerchief, put them back on, and cleared his throat. “Well, dear students, I believe there’s no reason for me to tell you what was discovered this morning. Judging by the noise and all, I know that you’ve all been informed.

“But there’s something that was discovered after the police came and took the body down. A note was discovered on him. And I have no doubt that it gives the reason for this disaster.”

As he took a folded piece of paper from the front pocket of his shirt and opened it up, the hearts of many shot right up into their throats.

These were the contents…

I am sorry it had to end this way, but the torture in my soul is just too much. I already had to deal with being the only child of a mother who loves cocaine more than her boy, and a dad whom I’ve seen only twice in my life. Now I had to deal with the constant mockeries and insults and derisions from students and teachers alike? No! That’s too much. Each nasty word cut me deeper than a sharp knife ever could, and left me wondering if life was worth living. It left me feeling like a sub-par human, of lower worth than the average joe. And the so-called Christians among you pretty much never reached out to me; I applaud you for your vain actions. Thank you all for killing me with your words.

Well, that fully confirmed the fears raised. As some of the guilty parties broke down, wailing and placing their hands on their heads, the headmaster knew there was nothing more to say.

Remember, words can kill. And as Christians, let’s be aware that our words can bring hope and peace to a hurting soul, relief to a frustrated person and can ultimately save a person’s life. Let us use our words wisely.


How Embarrassed He Was

I absolutely love retelling Bible stories! I see it as a sweet form of creativity and ability to make those stories we know of a little more understandable. Watch out for the few stories I’ll be dropping next month. God bless!!

As Haman walked back to his abode, head covered and red with humiliation, he kept wondering to himself: How the heck did this happen? How could I have been so embarrassed today? I should have been honoured in the most extravagant of ceremonies. How???

… It had all started when he found himself in the courtyard of King Ahasuerus early that morning, having inspected the work done on a seventy-five foot high gallows built for the Jew he despised so much. With the gallows completed, his plan was to inform the king of his desire to see his enemy hanged on it.
“How that man Mordecai annoys me!” he said to himself as he paced around the courtyard, waiting for the servants he had seen to inform the king of his arrival. “How dare he refuse to bow down to me? I mean, me – Haman, son of Hammedatha! Look at the position the king has given me – a position above all the princes that are with him. It is a command given by him that all his servants must bow and pay homage to me. But he refuses to! How despicable!”

“Honestly, the thought of him alone makes me burn with fury, not to mention the sight of him. Ugh, even with the knowledge that he and his people are going to be wiped out soon, I’m so livid whenever I see him at that gate, totally indifferent towards me. Not even an attempt to stand up and greet me. The disrespectful fool!”

“But I’m so grateful for my sweetheart Zeresh and all my friends. We had a great time last night. Oh yeah, a real wonderful time! It was so awesome telling the guys about the riches I have, my many sons, and how important I am because of the position the king gave me. Then the reason I’m here: that advice on the gallows. Can’t wait to bring my request to the king…”

A servant entered the courtyard. Bowing respectfully, he said, “Sir, the king will see you now.”

Snapping out of his monologue, he nodded curtly and brushed by the servant brusquely into the king’s bed-chamber, where he bowed and said, “Your Majesty!”

King Ahasuerus sat up and nodded. “Ah, yes. Haman, it is good that you are here. I’m in need of a little bit of advice.”

“Speak, your Majesty. I am listening,” Haman responded.

“Well, there is someone I would like to honour, but I don’t know exactly what to do for the fellow. Since you happen to be around, I thought you’d give the best suggestion. What do I do for the person I want to honour?” the king asked.
Haman’s face maintained its posture, but within he was ecstatic with glee and delight.

Oh my! This must be my lucky day! The king wants to honour me! He may not have said it out loud, but I just know it is me. There certainly is nobody as deserving of royal honour as I am, he thought to himself, whilst brainstorming of a good way to be honoured.

A minute or two later, with his chest puffed out, he announced, “For the one you wish to honour, your Majesty, let them bring royal attire which the king himself has worn and a horse on which the king himself has ridden – one bearing the royal insignia! Then let this clothing and this horse be given to one of the king’s noble officials. Let him then clothe the one whom the king wishes to honour, and let him lead him about through the plaza of the city on the horse, calling before him, ‘So shall it be done to the man whom the king wishes to honour!’ “

The king sat back, seemingly deep in thought about what had been suggested. Haman, meanwhile, stood there, feeling very proud of himself. That is certainly the sort of honour I deserve. I know he’ll approve, then we can get it done and I’ll get him to have that foolish Jew hanged.

“Very well then! Your suggestion is what I’ll carry out,” the king said.

Haman felt his heart jump for joy. OH YES!! Bring on the parade!

“Get the attire and the horse ready, just like you’ve mentioned…” the king started.

Haman’s joy slightly dissuaded with that. Get the attire and the horse ready??

“… and everything you mentioned should be done for the one I want honoured, have it done to
Mordecai, the Jew at the gate. Make sure you don’t leave anything out!”

Haman was shocked and stunned. Although he couldn’t let his emotions be apparent to the king,
his mind was swirling. I can’t believe this! This honour should be mine! I should be the one to be
dressed in the king’s attire and placed on his horse and paraded through town, not that Jew! And he wants me to parade the moron around too!

However, there was no way he could protest the king’s orders. It would be foolish to fight against
his decision, anyway; he had chosen Mordecai to be honoured. So he quickly mumbled
acknowledgement and left the bed-chamber, going to get the attire and horse ready.
When all was set, he approached the man he passionately despised and told him about the king’s order. The feeling of agony in his heart as he did this was something he could not describe. As he handed the royal attire to Mordecai, he just wanted to scream in frustration: “THIS IS NOT FAIR!!”

And when they made the trip around town, with Haman constantly announcing through gritted
teeth, “So shall it be done to the man whom the king wishes to honour!”, each proclamation was a heavy blow to his already-fractured ego. Mordecai, though, was hardly enthused by the treatment he was receiving.

When it was all over, Haman took his nemesis back to the palace, where he resumed his normal
duties. He then rushed back home, weighted down by shame and embarrassment, unaware that it was only the beginning of his impending downfall…

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.
-Proverbs 16:18

John 3:16

JOHN 3:16.

Obviously the most famous Bible verse in the world. Many say it is pretty much the summarization of the whole message the Bible sends to humanity. I recently listened to a sermon by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills on this verse, and I remember how he lamented that many pastors today would struggle to actually preach on this, when past servants of God like D.L. Moody could preach on this single verse for weeks! And one morning, as I thought of how someone I know would try to dispute the fact that Christ is the only route to eternal life, this verse came to me, and the Holy Spirit dissected it into parts for me. I had never thought of it that way, but thanks be to the Teacher, the unbelief of others only helped to strengthen my faith.


Now look at it this way…


For God so loved the world – the Creator of the heavens and the earth loves the people of earth so very much, despite the fact that they dwelled in sin and rebellion against Him

That He gave His only begotten Son – that in the fullness of time, He sent down His beloved and irreplaceable Son with Whom He shared the same divine nature to receive the punishment that should have been given to man

That whosoever should believe in Him – that the humans on earth who would believe that the Son had died for them and would receive this precious gift of salvation

Should not perish – would not have to face what they actually deserved for being tainted with sin: eternal separation from God which is equal to everlasting torment

But have everlasting life – but would rather have the chance to be reconciled to God and have fellowship with Him, thus having eternal life.


I’ve never had the Gospel shown to me that way. Beautiful, isn’t it? Only the Holy Spirit could do that!


Now let’s take note. God loves humanity so much, even though the first humans disobeyed Him and allowed the very thing He hates to infect humanity in its entirety. So much that He sent His Son, the One Who shares in His likeness, to come down to earth. I mean, if this Son is begotten, which from the original Greek word means He has a nature similar to His Father, then it’s obvious that God’s love for humanity really is more than we could ever imagine! An inexplicable love!


But then, as I looked deeper at the well-known verse, I realized this: it screams out the fact that it is only through the Son that everlasting life is attainable. God gave His Beloved so that those who believe in Him wouldn’t have to perish.


If there were other pathways to heaven, as some have claimed to have come about after Christ, and they truly have been approved by God, then these questions pop up in my mind.


  1. If Jesus really is that dear to God considering the like nature They both possess, then why would He give His Son as a ransom so we wouldn’t have to perish, only to bring up other ways later on? If that is the case, then it means either one of two things: Jesus was telling lies when He and Nicodemus spoke that fateful evening and in actual fact was not the begotten Son, or if He was, then God didn’t actually treasure Jesus as much as He thought He did, meaning Jesus had been deceived by His Father. Which means that One of them was lying. And that’s kinda scary. Putting my faith in a God Who has the capacity to deceive? I don’t think that sounds good. I wouldn’t trust anyone who I know has a shade of deception in them.
  2. Let’s say Jesus was right. Let’s say these words were the truth. Later on, we have other religions fully ordained by God as alternative routes to heaven. Then doesn’t it mean that the plan had somehow failed? Was Jesus’ sacrifice inadequate enough to do the full job? Looking at the wording, Jesus made it clear that those who believe in the Son would not perish, obviously meaning that those who don’t will perish. If the Father decided later to bring in other avenues, then it seems He failed in trying to make Jesus the only avenue, and that sounds pretty dangerous to me. It’s like playing in a Champions League final and depending on an unproven striker that’s never played in such a match before, a terrible gamble. You need a proven, world-class match winner in top form to win the game for you. In like manner, for a situation as vital and crucial as the eternal destiny of humanity, if He picked His Son, only to pick out other avenues later, then He certainly cannot be trusted, because if He failed before in such a big issue, what’s to say He couldn’t fail again in a smaller issue? And would you really want to entrust your eternal fate to a deity who can’t even seem to get it right at the first try?                                                                     … But wait! Hol’ up a minute! If Jesus is God’s beloved Son and is so special to Him, then He obviously gave us His very best, like I mentioned? And with these other routes coming up later, meaning what Jesus did is insufficient, that means God’s bestest plan flopped, right? Then can we trust these other ways to work? Hmmm….


I’m going to shorten this to an extent. If I will go strictly by His words, then this is what I believe: a God who is perfect and flawless in all His ways couldn’t have possibly erred in sending Jesus to this world to be our atonement. The work was perfectly completed, and the fact that He rose up from the dead is testament to that. If any other avenue was truly ordained by God to be a route to Him, then it only means Jesus was a liar or a failure in the task He performed, or God messed up in His attempt to save humanity once and for all, and had to provide alternatives. And if that is the case, then Christianity in itself is one big error, and generally we cannot be assured of eternal safety.


Listen, as far as people of other religions are concerned, I got love for them. They’re all created in His likeness and image, so I better love them. But when it comes to truth, I certainly can’t mince words, and it couldn’t come any better than the verse that is so well-known to man. It is truth that transcends the ages and remains as valid as it was when it left the lips of Jesus. It is only in Him that one can escape the wrath of God and condemnation and have eternal life. No other name. No other way.

Journey to Colossae 5

Well, this has been one insightful look into the book of Colossians, and even though I kept a little longer than I would have wanted, I’m so grateful for all the wisdom that has been revealed to me. Let’s end this with the fourth chapter.

So the chapter starts with an exhortation to masters to ensure they treat those under them with fairness and justice. Certainly something to keep in mind if you’re in a position of authority. Don’t use that power to be cruel to those under you. Remember that you have a Master in heaven Who you’re subject to, and He doesn’t choose to use His power to treat you anyhow. Follow His example.

Verse 2: Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving…


Just so you know, the word ‘continue’ there in Greek is ‘prokartereo’, which in essence means to persevere and be consistently diligent. Obviously, we must not slack as far as prayer is concerned, but continue to persevere in it. The word ‘watch’ is simply referring to the need to be alert in prayer. This is vital. Without prayer, things will be messed up. Matter of fact, our lives will be messed up. Like Leonard Ravenhill always said, “No man is greater than his prayer life.”

As he gives the exhortation to pray always, he slots in a request that prayers be lifted up for him that God would open doors of opportunity to preach the gospel to others. I wonder, how often do we ask God for such opportunities? Do we ever ask God for a divine appointment to witness to somebody about the Good News? Well, I pray we start doing so.

Then follows an exhortation to walk wisely towards the unbelievers. He advises them to ensure their attitudes give no cause for complaints among those who don’t know Jesus. As far as Matthew Henry made me understand this, believers ought to deal carefully with them. No snobbish attitude towards them, for that will put them off and make them even more resistant to the truth should it come their way. No totally open attitude towards them, for bad communication corrupts good manners. We need wisdom to know how to live with the unbeliever, because we’re surrounded by them, like it or not. Our speech should be seasoned with salt, meaning how we talk to them should not lack taste. In other words, we should avoid harsh, condemning talk towards them. Unfortunate that many don’t follow that pattern.

At this stage, Paul starts sending salutations from some co-workers of the Kingdom. There are two verses at this point that stand out to me, and that’s what I will end with.

Col 4:12 Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ, saluteth you, always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

The evangelist that helped plant the church at Colossae was obviously not with them at the time of this letter being written, but Paul made it clear he certainly didn’t slack as far as interceding for them was concerned. He interceded for them passionately and fervently. Church leaders! Intercessors! Christians! If the people around us are going to stand perfect in His will, we must pray! And not just pray, but fervently and consistently pray! James 5:16

Col 4:17 And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.

Dear friend, there is a ministry which the Lord has for you. It may not be one part of the five-fold ministry, or something that will make you a well-known figure around town. But what matters is that it has been given to you by the Lord, and that is a massive privilege. Take heed to it and ensure you execute your God-given task, that at the end of the day you may be able to say along with Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Amen!


Mighty One of Jacob Who alone is righteous, thank You for Your tender mercies and kindness. Thank You for being so kind and compassionate towards us. May the Spirit of Christ that dwells within us lead us to emulate You when placed in positions of authority that we may not maltreat those under us, but that we will serve them, just as the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve. Ignite in us a spirit of passion for prayer, Holy Spirit! Open up opportunities for us to spread the gospel! Fill us with boldness and speak through us, that You alone will be glorified! Help us to walk in wisdom towards those who know you not, that we will not snob them and will not fall into the trap of becoming like them.

And, Heavenly Father, for every soul that reads this, I pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken their hearts to be aware of the ministry You have placed in their hands. May they take heed to Your call, which is an honour and a privilege, for there is no greater calling than to be used by You. May they be diligent, faithful and zealous to do Your work, no matter what form it comes in. Holy Spirit of God, consume their very being and take total control, that the desire to fulfill that ministry will never be quenched until it is complete! In the name of Jesus I pray.










Journey to Colossae 4

Helloooo! I trust the last post blessed you immensely. Let’s take a look at chapter 3, which is pretty loaded, to be honest…


Paul points out that once we have risen with Christ, and thus are seated with Him in heavenly places, we ought to seek that which is above, where He is seated at the Father’s right hand. We must be focused on heavenly things which are of an eternal nature, and not fleeting treasures which mean nothing once your breath leaves your body.


It’s really sad how in this modern era, many Christians have set their affections on perishable stuff. Why are we more excited about cars and mansions than the unsearchable delights our Father’s kingdom has? Why do we crave for money when our craving should be for souls to enter His kingdom? I could go on, but the fact is, we must wise up and know where our affections must be placed: on things above.


And Paul doesn’t leave us in doubt as to why…


Simple. For one, we are dead. If you say Jesus is your Lord and Saviour and you mean it, you are dead to the world. The old you has been put to death. The old you that passionately craved after the world’s goods. A dead person can’t be desperate for stuff on this earth, it’s absurd. Do you think Michael Jackson is lying in his grave at present, thinking about his Neverland estate? Of course not!!


Also, we are hidden in Christ. We have a much superior life to the normal earthly life. Why would we look back and crave mud when we’ve got ‘everlasting gold’ before us?


Aside that, when Christ appears, we too will appear with Him in glory. By then, all the physical goods will be shown up for what they truly are: worthless crap. And take note of the beginning of verse 4: When Christ who is our life appears… Please, if you say you’re a Christian, then Christ is not a part of your life. He IS your life. It may seem extreme to some, but if Jesus said that one who loves his own life more than Him is not worthy of being His disciple, then it’s only right. And true, authentic Christianity, if I should remind you, is stupid to the average human mind.


From verse 8 to 9, Paul outlines the need for us to mortify certain traits of the old man: sexual immorality, covetousness, harbouring desires that displease God, impurity and the like, and he issues a strong warning. It is attitudes like these that invoke the wrath of God upon unbelievers. See? Paul doesn’t hold back talking about the consequences of evil, ungodly living. All that these attitudes beget is death! Please, we cannot afford to be cute and silent on this. The wages of sin is death. We must let it be known clearly to all!


He reminds the Colossians that they used to be that way, but now it’s time to totally mortify those attitudes, as well as malice, anger, filthy communication and lying, because they’ve now put off the old man and put on the new one which has a higher knowledge.


Then in verse 11, he makes a beautiful statement about the new creation. “Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.” Isn’t it absolutely disheartening to see how the church today has pushed this truth aside and still judge others based on their tribe, skin colour, social status, etc? The truth is that once we become children of God, our real identity is in Christ. All the distinctions that separate us cease to exist once we give Him our lives. The spirits of divisiveness in the church today that cause us to still acknowledge those differences and discriminate against others is really harming us.


After that, he says in verse 12: Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved… Be made aware, they were being exhorted to let the virtues mentioned afterward develop in them, because they were the chosen ones, made holy by Him and loved by Him. Once again, grace alone made this possible. You simply cannot make yourself holy by your works, nor can you gain His love by being a good person. It just won’t work.


Anyway, he exhorts them to be longsuffering, merciful, kind, patient with each other and ready to forgive, among others. Above all these, though, he encourages them to put on the bond of love. We should let these virtues develop in us if we’re going to really live as children of God. It ain’t about talk alone, it’s about living as such!


Verses 15-17 point out vital life lessons…

  • We must let the peace that Christ alone rule our hearts. In other words, as far as our passions and emotions are concerned, that peace should be the deciding factor as to what action we will take. It would surprise us how much we’ll let go of once His peace acts as umpire in certain decisions we make
  • The Word must dwell richly in us, through admonishing others and singing. This has had an effect on the kind of music I listen to, especially Christian music. Not all ‘gospel’ songs are truly gospel. Be wise when dealing with such.
  • Simply, all we do should be in His name. So the next time you’re about to do something wrong, trying asking yourself if you can comfortably say you’re doing it in His name.


Then Paul ends with how family affairs should be conducted.

-          Wives are to submit to their husbands, for that is what God expects of them.

-          Husbands are to love their wives and not exploit them and be bitter toward them.

-          Children are to be obedient to their parents, because it pleases God.

-          Parents are to ensure they don’t provoke their children and break their spirits.


…and advice for servants, which in this era could be referred to anybody who works for a person. So if you got a job, take note of what Paul shares!

  1. Obey those who have authority over you. Simple.
  2. Do not be a person-pleaser, one who only does hard work when others are watching just so you can gain favour.
  3. Do your work with sincerity, acknowledging that the Lord sees you as you work.
  4. Do your work with passion, knowing that you’re actually doing it unto God and not man, because at the end, the real Master you’re working for is Christ.
  5. Do your work with the knowledge that your real reward comes from God and not man, and if you mess up, you will bear the consequences. No favouritism.


Imagine how efficient many of our workplaces would be if we followed this!


Well, the journey is almost over, but I trust chapter 3 has blessed you immensely.



Father of all, blessed be Your holy name for your great mercy and compassion in choosing us to be Your possession. In the name of Jesus, may every lingering passion for the world be extinguished! May our hearts burn for Your kingdom! By the power of the Holy Spirit, may every unholy desire within our flesh that displeases you be put to death! Holy Spirit, let Your fruit blossom within us that we may show the world Whose we are. We come against every divisive spirit in the church that dwells on earthly distinctions and declare that every member of the body of Christ is no longer defined by those features, but by Christ alone! We declare that Christ is all and in all! May we glorify You in our family lives, at work, and in all that we do! Amen!







Journey to Colossae 3

Top of the morning to you all!! It’s been a great journey through Colossae so far. Now it’s time for chapter 2…

Paul’s desire for the believers at Colossae and the others he hadn’t met was that their hearts would be knit together in love. Once again, take note; the aim was that love would rule. The desire must be that we will live as a body united by the love of Christ, for then that’s the only way we can be truly identified as followers of Christ.

He also prayed they would gain more and more insight into the great mystery of God that is Christ, “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Simple. All wisdom and knowledge is found in Christ. Anything called ‘wisdom’ that is outside of Him is no wisdom at all. In having Christ, they had all they could possibly ever need, so the key was to get to know Him on a more intimate level, instead of listening to the false philosophies the liars spread. We must seek to know Jesus on a personal level; this shallow understanding of knowing that He just came and died for us is just not enough. We must go deeper, else we’ll easily be led astray by many of the deceptions in the world today.

Verse 6 reveals something very important. As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him”. The Amplified Bible better describes walk as “(regulate your lives and conduct yourselves) in union with and conformity to Him.” In other words, contrary to popular opinion, it is not just about saying a sinner’s prayer and believing that’s the end. To be honest, I’ve said the sinner’s prayer numerous times and yet had no intention to actually live for Him. If we have received Him with our lips and hearts, it’s about time we surrender to His word and live according to His commands. That’s how we can stay rooted in the faith.


Paul then warned the Colossians of the falsehoods in their way and explained some deep stuff to them. He mentioned that the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Christ. All the power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit resides in Him, and He is head over all power and principality, and in Him we are made complete. If the fullness of the Almighty One dwells in Him, and we are in Him, then honestly, what do we lack as far as knowledge and wholeness is concerned? Nothing! A little side note to those interested in relationships: you are only complete when you are in Christ, not when you get a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Then he speaks of how in Him, we have been spiritually circumcised. Instead of the physical foreskin taken off, the fleshly body has been removed by Him. He brings up the significance of baptism: by going down in the water and rising back up, we share in the death and the resurrection by faith. In Him, whilst we were totally dead in sin, obviously unable to revive ourselves, when He raised up Christ from the dead, we were quickened as well, and our sins were forgiven.

All records of our misdeeds and the curses due us for messing up were nailed to the cross. Every past record and all was dealt with as the nails struck through it and rendered it no longer valid. And the sweetest part: in all this, the devil and his minions experienced a humiliating defeat at the hands of Jesus as He made a public show of them, triumphing in the cross. There’s nothing more embarrassing to the enemy than the remembrance of Calvary. Just when they thought they had Him, He got one over them. Sweet!

So obviously, now that no curse, no demon, no power of darkness or sin has any legal right to come upon us, we obviously don’t need a set of rules like back in Leviticus to keep us down. Christ has set us free! That’s why Paul told them not to allow anyone to judge them concerning the ceremonial law. Those things were a shadow of what was to come; the real thing was Christ Himself. We are complete in Him!

The fact was, most of the commandments these charlatans gave out only gratified the flesh. They made one feel ‘holy’ and ‘humble’, but it was nothing more than a show of false humility. Don’t follow through with those kind of rules. They do nothing to subdue the flesh; they only serve to feed it. Those who practice such are no better than Pharisees: valiant display of holiness on the outside, yet being as rotten as any other unsaved person on the inside.


Holy Father, thank You for the old rugged cross of Calvary, for by it, my sin has been erased, the curse of the law has no hold on me, every other curse is broken, and the forces of hell have no power to destroy me, for I am hidden in Christ Jesus. Lord, open the eyes of my understanding that I may grow to fully appreciate the depths of this sacrifice and give You the praise that is due You. May every deception be rebuked in the name of Jesus! I come against every toxic Pharisee spirit that encourages only an outward form of humility! Let every yoke of holding onto laws for justification be broken, and let freedom and completion in Christ be announced to the captives! Lead me to live my life in conformity to the ways of Christ, and in wholehearted devotion and union with Him. Amen.